Welcome Winter Texans - to Nuevo Progreso's Finest Dental Center - and the offices of Dr. Ricardo Carreon & Associates, providing the most advanced, modern and experienced dental center on the Texas border.

Located just across the International Bridge on the left, Progreso's Advanced Dental Center (PADC) takes pride in quality standards and cleanliness. Only bottled, purified water is used for patients, and you'll find the strictest standards rigorously enforced to provide for a safe, ultra-clean environment throughout.

With a highly experienced and carefully selected staff proficient in English language arts, you'll feel right at home at PADC. And when it comes to modern high technology, you won't find better diagnostic and treatment equipment any more advanced than that available at PADC, including a new digital panoramic xray machine offers instant, onscreen diagnostics without radiation, the first of its kind in Latin America.

Look for Progreso's Advanced Dental
 Center on the immediate left after
crossing the International Bridge.

Take the stairs to the second floor
and enter the professional offices of
Dr. Ricardo Carreon and Associates.

In the U.S., call:
Cell # 956-566-0602
email: office@drcarreondds.com